Musical Roasts/Toasts & Corrupted Lyrics

Tribute – Deciding (for Ann Seavey)

Tribute – Accustomed to Suitcase (for Paul & Jeannie)

Tribute – All Those Boxes Are Dave Rox’s (for David Rox)

Tribute – A Scribbler on the ‘Teuch (for Marvin Wilson)

Tribute – RogerGreenable (for Roger Green)

Roast/Toast – At Gordon C

Tribute – Loyatorio (for Donna & Barry)

Tribute – Carlbergian Nights (for Jud & Jan)

Toast – Lindsay and the East

Tribute – Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Kinas (for Kina Mallard)

Corrupted Lyrics – To All The Grads I’ve Flunked Before

Corrupted Lyrics – Registrationville