Tribute – Deciding (for Ann Seavey)

“Deciding” vid is here

1. Your bright alumnus didn’t always have a plan.
I was a sad undergrad once.
And in my aimlessness I happened up to Ann—
Who shared the beauty of “Maybe”…

When my parents said, “To wander isn’t smart,
Your fastest lane is the inside;
Choose a major quick and get you a head start,”
Ann Seavey sighed—

‘Cause I was Deciding

Like a traveler whose road is indirect,
M. Scott Peck will join you
To proceed by heeding every call-and-beck,
To respect “I don’t know.”

I said “Um – um – um”
All those seniors gave me jitters.
(Those committers…)

So , Ann offers some – some – some
To the neophyte that skitters.

Don’t want to be rude,
But didn’t want to preclude…

2. Well, well, well—
They’ll say, “How we study must be by the book.”
There’s major cramming on the mini quad.
What of all the sweet electives they forsook?
There’s no dabbling—they could use some…

Says, “You feed your head by following your heart.
You build your barn on the broad side.
Isn’t adventuring the highest liberal art?”—
Waits for reply.
I can’t, I’m Deciding

Watch ‘em dry out like a raisin in the sun—
Killed their fun; the fun’s in
Yeah, you pigeonhole a pigeon if you’re one;
Is that a pun,
Seavey, Ann?

You can buy, buy, buy
But it’s gonna take an act of God
To grow a milkweed pod.
Want to fly, fly, fly?—
Then you gotta make your tiger shark
Into a monarch.

Where are the “uns” you’d remind to stop
Chasing approval?—they’re human and
able and wanted.

Their hearts still aren’t tough,
And their boundaries can’t be wide enough.

“Try me!”—
Cry the rivers that flow by me
Free and easy – meenie – miney

So this Ann instilled a lasting joie de vivre,
Look at me, Ann Seavey, I’m
Who deserves an honorary PhD…

will never be quite as
You know we’ll still be

Ann Seavey bolstered thousands of students and gave them permission to be Deciding. Thank you, Ann.

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